Mylar stencil 12x12 Sheets ( 6 Pack) Stencil yourself

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How To Cut: our 4 mil material cuts easily with a scalpel knives.  We recommend our Gyro-cutter. It is the best material for electric cutters like a Cricut, Silhouette or similar products.  (Thicker material is not consistently cut by this type of cutter.) t is easy to cut and transparent enough so that it is easy to trace cut from a picture under the material. From interior decorating to logos and crests, to face painting, to small industrial projects, it’s as easy as drawing your design on, cutting, and painting on any surface you like!

This mylar is a glossy material specifically engineered for easy cutting with a pen or exacto knife. With a material this thin, any design you come up with will produce crisp lines that pop right out off of your surface. We recommend brushing or rolling your paint on with this material for optimum line definition.

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